The Annual Toys for Tots drive is supported by our Detachment and enlists the help of over 650 volunteers.  We have a separate website for our Tots for Tots program at:




The Local Toys for Tots program has been under the leadership of Detachment 680 for the past 12 years and the number of toys distributed at Christmas time each year was:



  CA Central Coast Area, # Toys
2011 33,650
2010 41,180
2009 41,955
2008 39,730
2007 37,250
2006 45,470
2005 41,600
2004 36,300
2003 34,230
2002 28,450
2001 18,700
2000 11,820



Our thanks to members Lou Barnes and Barbara Wolcott for their dedication to leading this very worthwhile effort for the Detachment in past years.


A special thanks to our distributor partners:


Loaves and Fishes, Atascadero
Cambria Anonymous Neighbors
St. Joseph Catholic Church, Cayucos
Salvation Army, Five Cities
Dorothy Jackson Family Resource Center, Lompoc
Nazarene Church, Los Osos
Salvation Army, Morro Bay
SLO County SAFE, Nipomo
The Toy Bank, Paso Robles
Salvation Army, San Luis Obispo City
Community Action Commission of Santa Barbara County
People Helping People, Santa Ynez  


These Toys For Tots Partners distributed 33,650 toys to 14,400 needy kids in December of  2011.



The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is directed by the Commander, Marine Forces Reserve from his headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana.


The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity, independent of the Marine Corps, provides the funding and support needed for successful annual toy collection and distribution campaigns.


Local campaigns are conducted in over 500 communities covering all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The Commander, Marine Forces Reserve has, under his command, 188 Marine Corps Reserve Units, located in 46 states. To cover all 50 states and more communities in each state, the Commander, Marine Forces Reserve authorizes the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to permit selected Local Community Organizations (generally Marine Corps Leagues), which are located in communities far removed from a Reserve unit, to conduct Toys for Tots campaigns as part of the overall U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Toys Program.


One individual, either a Marine Reservist, member of a Marine Corps League Detachment, or member of a local community organization, is designated the Toys for Tots Coordinator for that community. This Coordinator is responsible for planning, organizing and conducting the campaign in his/her community.


Local campaigns begin in October and last until December 22. Members of the community drop off new, unwrapped toys in collection boxes positioned at local businesses. Coordinators pick up these toys and store them in a central warehouse where the toys are sorted by age and gender. At Christmas, Coordinators, with the assistance of local social welfare agencies, church groups, and other local community agencies distribute toys to the neediest children of the community. Over the years, Marines have discovered that social welfare agencies, churches, and other local community agencies are best qualified to identify the neediest children in the community and play key roles in the distribution of the toys.  (The agencies supporting the Central Coast are various churches, Healthy Start, People Helping People, Loaves and Fishes, and Toy Bank.)


While Toys for Tots Coordinators organize, coordinate and manage the program, the ultimate success depends on the support of the local community and generosity of the people who donate toys. Local business leaders play a key role. They allow Coordinators to locate collection boxes in their stores; provide free warehouse space for storing toys during October, November and December; provide vehicles to collect toys from collection sites; sponsor toy raising events; and help Coordinators arrange media exposure for Toys for Tots in the local community.


National corporations support Toys for Tots by establishing affiliations with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. These corporations make donations to the Foundation or conduct marketing initiatives from which they share royalties with the Foundation. In almost every instance, the marketing initiatives of these corporations give significant added visibility and name recognition to Toys for Tots. Such visibility enhances the campaign at the national and local levels. The funds emanating from these affiliations enable the Foundation to purchase supplementary toys and promotional and support materials; and otherwise defray the costs of annual Toys for Tots programs.